Invisible Walls

“How to create deeper connections through the purity of experiences”

Are you looking for deeper connections and a more meaningful life?

Invisible Walls by Stephanie Z. Kasprzak explores how we create lasting bonds in our lives by recognizing, re-framing, and fostering relationships that bring us peace and complement our character. When we identify these connections, we maximize our potential to love in a way that we never experienced before. These real-life stories will open your mind to a new way of thinking about how we bring meaning to our lives, despite the invisible walls that are around, and within us.

Paperback – $19.99

Hardcover – $31.99

Meet The Author

Stephanie Zorn-Kasprzak grew up in Monroe, Michigan. After graduating high school, she attended college at Eastern Michigan University earning her degree in Written Communication. 

Stephanie has a great passion for a good cause and has spent her entire professional career working for non-profit organizations that make a difference in her community.

Stephanie is deeply rooted in family, nature, and finding the beauty in life. A daily yoga practice keeps her centered and mindful.

Latonya L. Garth
Latonya L. GarthMotivational Speaker
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"Invisible Walls is a thought provoking book! It introduced me to a different perspective. As I read the book, I began to gain some clarity about challenges I had been facing over the years. The advice Stephanie gave brought an increased self-awareness and encouraged me to evaluate my life, recognize my invisible walls and make better decisions. This book is definitely a game changer. The vivid imagery made this book a great read."
Coach Tara Tucker
Coach Tara TuckerAuthor, Coach, and Speaker
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"Not only was coaching Stephanie through her writing and publishing a blessing but reading this phenomenal book truly gave me a new perspective on life and love. Invisible Walls reminds me that life is made of moments that are mostly fleeting, so we must be present and see the beauty and joy in our daily interactions. Stephanie throws caution to the wind and embraces the journey life has to offer with childlike innocence and an adventurous spirit."
Aaron Lavender
Aaron LavenderInvisible Walls Reader
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"Stephanie has a way with words. It's like Theater of the mind. Her vulnerability and honest truth is captivating. Invisible Walls will inspire and motivate you to walk in your greatness."

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Paperback – $19.99

Hardcover – $31.99